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2022 Report



Services Provided

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Languages Spoken

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Top 10 Nationalities Served

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Empowerment Learning

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Computer Literacy
ESL, Civics, Citizenship

A Story of Life Change

(Name Changed to Protect Our Friend)

Susan is a married mother of a 2-year-old daughter who has severe allergies. These allergies are triggered by food and even air quality. Her daughter doesn't speak or make eye contact. The stress of taking care of a child with such a severe condition while not getting any support and even worse feeling judgment from her family in how she cared for her daughter resulted in Susan developing depression and even suicidal thoughts. In the midst of this Susan was also diagnosed with Hepatitis B and needed to be educated on the importance of taking her medicines. At one point Susan didn't want to take her Hepatitis B meds because she thought they were causing other health conditions. We were able to step in and advocate for her medically to have some tests run to allay these fears. In addition to helping Susan and her daughter with doctor appointments and medical advocacy, Susan received counseling at our office to help her overcome her depression and now she is able to work again.

Annual Refugee Christmas Party

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Community Support

Beyond90 partners with area organizations, churches and individual volunteers to get out in the community and meet the families where they live. We do events such as clothing giveaways and family fun days.  Families leave knowing they were loved and cared for. We are truly blessed to serve with the most loving and selfless people! To those who came together for the community, WE THANK YOU!!!

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