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 THE NEED                                                              

Beyond90 has a special niche and meets a critical need.  Newly arriving refugees are placed in low cost housing and only provided enough funds for furnishings and rent for the first 90 days.  A number of these refugees have lived in camps an average of seventeen years and some may suffer from disabilities due to the circumstances that caused them to flee their homes. At the end of this 90 day period, many refugees are not fully self-sufficient, which adds to the already overwhelming amount of stress that accompanies learning a new language, working, and adapting to a new country and a new culture.  

Beyond90 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that bridges the gap to self-sufficiency by providing support services, mental health, skills building classes and housing to refugees as they work to build new lives in Northeast Florida.


In partnership with other non-profits and NGO's in our community, we work to strengthen and empower families in the following areas:

  • Health - Beyond90 helps refugees navigate our often complex healthcare system.  We assist them in advocating for themselves so they can have access to programs, and insurance for ongoing preventive medical care. In addition, Beyond90's program, Project for Healing, offers refugees and immigrants living in NE Florida individual and family counseling, immigration evaluations, behavioral case management, psychiatric support services, medication management, specialized referrals and barrier reduction services.


  • Education - Beyond90 provides skills building opportunities so refugees can increase their knowledge and self-confidence to accomplish their financial goals and become fully self-sufficient members of our communities. 


  • Well-being - In order to thrive, refugees must be able to ensure their basic needs are met - food, housing, ongoing employment.  Beyond90's support services specialists assist them in applying for public benefits, child care, job applications, life crisis situations and more.  The rising cost of housing is creating a difficult financial burden on refugee families, especially large families.  Beyond90 provides housing to large families at below market rent to relieve some of the financial burden and give them a hand up as they work to become self-sufficient.

 THE MODEL                                                                      

 THE MISSION                                                                 

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