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Events Worth Hosting

Trivia Night

Invite your friends to a trivia night, buy a couple of pizzas and ask them to donate $ to play.

Netflix/Themed Movie Night

  • Host a movie night still in theatres (like if you have HBO MAX) and have your friends donate the cost of what it would be to attend in the theatre. ($10-$12/person to come socialize and watch the movie)

  • Have popcorn and snacks and they can donate to "Purchase" the items.

  • Have a dress up event (Think Downton Abby or Top Gun) and donate to attend.

  • Stream an oldy but goody, same principal. (Think "Grease")

  • The possibilities are endless.

Golf Days

Invite your friends, bring the refreshments (drinks and food) and have them donate to consume them (or just donate to play)

Event Activities

Book a competition; make players donation higher than it costs to play; donate the overage to Beyond90.

  • Bowling Party, Axe Throwing, Escape Room, Top Golf etc.

  • Gaming Night (Xbox etc.) - invite your friends over for a gaming competition.  Supply snacks.  Have them donate to play.

Birthday Fundraiser

Facebook or donate directly to Beyond90.  Use your individualized QR code.

Step/Fitness Challenge

Challenge your friends to do 10k steps a day or 50 pushups a day (etc.).  Ask people to sponsor their journey.  Not only will they get in shape, they'll raise money doing it.

Adopt a Box Fitness Challenge

  • Create boxes that have simple, tough, and silly exercises that you and your team will tackle to raise money for Beyond90.

  • Each box will have a donated amount, a workout challenge and a team member who will be performing the exercise!

  • Have them choose a box, send the donation and you post a video of the workout challenge with a personal shoutout/thank you to the sponsor.


Host a game night and provide small prizes for the winner.  Make it a donation to be able to play.

Biggest Loser

Challenge your friends over the course of a month to get healthy and lose a couple of pounds.  Make it a donation to participate.  Winner gets a little healthier, and bragging rights.

Scavenger Hunt

Get the kids involved.  Make it a "Learn more about Duval County" or go to a mall and ask for items on list etc.  


Think Sorority fundraisers...have a blast dancing all night with your friends and raise money for Beyond90.  Get pledges/donations for every hour after midnight you dance.

Mustache or Beard Growing Competition 

Call all guys (and girls to encourage your boyfriend or spouse) who can grow the best mustache in 31 days?  Have participants do a before and after pic. Donate to participate. 

New Home/Remodel Viewing

Have a new house?  Or a newly remodeled home?  Invite your friends to come check it out.  Supply snacks and beverages.  Ask your friends to donate to your charity to check it out.

Viral Video Challenge

Challenge your friends to create Tik Tok's or funny video clips; post them over the course of a week and keep track of who gets the most likes.  Make it a donation to participate.  Overall "Likes" winner gets bragging rights.

Painting with a Twist

Calling all Artists! Host a paint it party.  Make it a donation to Beyond90 to take your class.

Poker Game Night

Portion of winnings go to Beyond90 or donate to play.

Bake Sale/Lemonade Stand

Donate proceeds to Beyond90.

DYI Home Decor Class

  1. Potted plants (have a cricut maker?)  Pre-make sayings and print them out in all shapes and sizes.  Provide pots and plant options.  Let your friends create their own potted plant for a donation to Beyond90.

  2. Have special creative skills and are willing to share?  Host an event sharing them and doing good.

Bookworm Challenge

  • Read 15 books in a month - Get sponsored donations for reading (great summertime kid reading).

  • Host a book club meeting - donate to attend.


At ANY event you can also do a 50/50.  Have people donate $5-$10 for a chance to win half the pot.  The more people to participate, the higher the pot.  50% of proceeds goes to Beyond90.

Drastic Activity for Donations

Tell your family and friends you will do x if you raise $500 (for example). 

  • Dye your hair

  • Cut your hair

  • Shave your head bald

  • Wear Pink everyday

  • Anything

Any social gathering - User your Imagination!


If you invite 5 friends over for a trivia night, and they donate $20 each, that's $100 raised!  Easy huh?  Small groups and small amounts really do add up!

Let's go have some fun!

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