A Global Wellness Counseling Provider

Project for Healing offers refugees and immigrants living in Northeast Florida individual and family counseling, immigration evaluations, behavioral case management, psychiatric support services, medication management, specialized referrals and barrier reduction services. Therapists are specially trained in global mental health care to serve populations from all over the world currently living in Jacksonville.  Collaborative efforts between the refugee resettlement agencies, Catholic Charities, and Lutheran Social Services, as well as the Duval County Health Department, UF Health and Mental Health Resource Center, provide wrap around care with the aim of clients becoming healthy and happy for successful integration into our community. 


Confidential interpretation provided free of charge.

Multicultural Counseling

Lives are rebuilt by providing evidenced based mental health treatment with a focus on cultural awareness and sensitivity. Hope is restored through healing wounds of trauma and torture so clients can move forward to productive, peaceful lives. 


Therapists are specially trained to evaluate the invisible wounds of life threatening persecution that immigrates faced before coming to the USA or while residing here. Immigration evaluations are conducted according to the type of immigration case being filed.  All assessments and evaluations are conducted in the peaceful environment of Beyond 90’s clinical home.

Psychiatric Support Services

Accompanying refugee clients to the psychiatrist helps maintain a continuum of care leading to overall emotional health.  Clients are provided psychoeducation on the importance of medication and compliance, medication management, assistance overcoming barriers to outpatient psychiatric care, support during discharge planning if hospitalized and long term follow-up care to help break the cycle of repeated hospital admissions. 

Behavioral Case Management

Behavioral Case Managers are part of the multi-disciplinary team approach utilized to provide wrap around care from case open to close. Services include psychoeducation, barrier reduction, specialized referrals, and community engagement support.

Barrier Reduction

Barriers to mental health can be a preexisting condition with the refugee and immigrant populations leading to a lack of access to services.  Barriers such as limited knowledge, fear, and uncertainty potentially keep refugees unhealthy and unsuccessfully integrated into communities.  Steps to reduce barriers such as training clients to ride public transportation, exposure to pharmacies to refill medications or helping clients learn to communicate and keep calendars on their smart phones brings down the walls to isolation and increases mental well being.  

Help Them Heal

Refugee therapy is funded through a grant from the Department of Health but only covers a limited number of refugees per month and NO funding for immigrants.


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